Custom, One-of-a-Kind Explorations in Color

I've always loved color. As far back as I can remember, I've experimented with color combinations, be it with paint, stitchery, computer graphics, my flower garden, my wardrobe, my classroom, or anything else I can get my hands on. I've never accepted limitations - buying extra floss to supplement stitchery kits, refusing to believe what flowers can and cannot be grown in Las Vegas, or what colors can be combined in an outfit.

When I began beading as a way to relax, I started designing jewelry to match my favorite outfits, then my other outfits, then favorite pictures, or building a jewelry set around a particular bead, just whatever inspired me. I particularly like adding color with the delicate look of #6 seed beads (larger than common seed beads). After many requests, I started selling my creations to friends, at my manicurist's, and landed here.


All creations are hand-crafted and made to order. Jewelry can be customized to any degree, completely redesigned, or I can do any custom work you desire.

Each item is unique to at least some degree. In addition to the slight variations which we encounter in natural materials, I often use a few accent beads of a particular style from a variety bag (most often glass). Sometimes I never see the same beads again. Beads provided by my suppliers vary over time and sometimes beads are discontinued and cannot be obtained from other suppliers.

Please note that the colors may appear different on your monitor than in actuality.


While I design my necklaces with small (½”) double lobster clasps closure, upon request, I will restring your purchase to large (¾”) lobster clasps or a continuous strand with no visible closure at no additional charge. Just let me know at the time of your order. I can also generally make moderate changes to the length of necklaces without additional charge.

If I have not yet designed a bracelet or earrings for the set you want, I can design matching pieces. I will send you a photograph of the draft creation and will not charge a design fee if you accept my initial design.

Likewise, if you would prefer earrings in a different style (1¼” hoop, fishhook, ear wires (1½” or 2½”)) than offered, the design fee will be waived if you accept the initial design I submit for your approval.

If you want to own something which is completely unique, I will retire any custom design for $50. I do reserve the right to own the piece for myself, but will not sell or gift it to anyone else. (I will also retire any existing design, but it will not be completely unique, as it has probably already been sold to other clients.)


I love natural materials and my creations are generally centered around beads made of high-quality glass, shells and semi-precious stones. However, I sometimes use acrylic beads and faux pearls when they provide unique styles and colors which cannot be found in nature – or which would be prohibitively expensive in natural stones. Please see individual listings for specific components.

I very carefully select high-quality materials at all times and provide restringing and replacement of any properly cared for materials which have faded for a nominal fee. (Keep your receipt! If you take care of the jewelry, it will be years before you notice any fading.)

I completely understand if you would prefer to limit your jewelry to only natural materials. I can generally substitute a few natural beads without significant changes and I will not charge an initial custom design fee. (In other words, if you accept the photograph of the first draft, there will be no additional charges to substitute the natural materials.)

However, some sets are focused around beautiful and unique acrylic beads. In these cases, an all-natural version would differ significantly from the original and the usual fees for custom design would apply. (See below.)

Because I have a strong preference for natural materials, I would have used them if there were natural beads available with the same look, so I will probably not be able to provide a close substitute. However, if only a few individual beads differ, the piece itself may look substantially similar. As with any custom design, once I prepare the draft, you will have the option to approve it, stay with the original design, or cancel the order.


Custom design fees are generated by my work in designing the piece or set and are not refundable once I have provided a draft. Please be as specific as possible in your request! This will avoid time and fees triggered by extensive revisions.

I can design jewelry based upon one of my designs (for instance, in a different color scheme, incorporating a motif (birds, flowers, etc.)) or a picture you send me. (Please note that exact replication is not permitted under copyright laws.)

Custom design fees begin at $40 for a first draft, potentially more if I need to locate additional beads for a specific request. (This has rarely happened as the thousands of beads I keep in stock are generally suitable for any need!)

Each revision requested may accrue an additional (but generally smaller) fee, depending on the extent of each change, until you are satisfied with the draft design. If I create a necklace, bracelet and earring set for you, the set is designed as one creation, so the initial draft custom design fee is $40 for all pieces, and revision fees will also apply to the entire set, unless you request different revisions to each piece. The design fees represent a direct investment of my time. The more specific the request is, the less likely revision fees will be.


Do you have a favorite dress you’d like to match? Earrings you love, but never have other pieces to wear them with? I have often designed jewelry to match a specific article of clothing or jewelry. For instance, I designed the Iridescent line (004, 006, and 007) around three sets of iridized titanium earrings I love, but never wore because I didn’t have matching necklaces. (Because photographs can distort color, you would need to send me the item for an exact match. I highly recommend that you insure and track your package, including requiring a signature to acknowledgment delivery on my end, as I cannot be responsible for lost items.)

I can design matching jewelry for bridal parties, quinceañera and prom courts, sororities, etc. Any design fees would be assessed only on the unique pieces. For instance, the bride’s jewelry would incur the full design fee. The fee would be reduced for any variations, such as a bridesmaid’s set, sets for the groom, groomsmen/ushers, mothers, etc., as they would be based around the bride’s design. No design fee would apply to any duplicate items (such as for additional bridesmaids), so long as they were the same as a previous design. Please allow plenty of time for the creations to be designed and crafted for a larger order such as this.


As with the creations already on my page, custom jewelry generally ships within 3-5 business days after receipt of the order. If I am unable to create within this time frame, I will post a notice in my announcements section.

However, please note that in the context of customized jewelry, the order is not considered “received” until we have agreed on the specifics of the piece(s). It can take time to prepare an initial custom design draft, particularly if you have requested something quite unusual or sent me an article to be matched. Revisions can also take time, particularly if you require extensive changes. However, I always endeavor to expedite the design process and delays are minimal so long as the buyer responds rapidly to photographs of drafts and revisions.

Once we have agreed on the specifics, the standard shipping policies and time frame apply. Please see the FAQs.

Note: For your convenience, I have included information regarding the qualities ascribed to particular stones for thousands of years. This is not my own knowledge, I know of no science to support these claims, I am not making a representation as to the accuracy of this lore, and I emphatically encourage you to seek medical treatment for any symptoms, not jewelry. Jewelry will certainly make you feel better, but is no substitute for medical care!

Thank you for your interest in my creations and I look forward to accenting your beauty with the jewelry of your dreams!

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